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Exclusive Rentals

Book With Confidence and Enjoy Free Extras

Our Exclusive Rentals are exactly that. Exclusive!

You can't book these homes with any other agents*, as their owners have placed them solely in our hands. It's a measure of their confidence in us. But what does it mean to you?

This means that you may book with greater confidence, as we solely control the Availability. Only human error could result in the availability information being incorrect.

But our Exclusive Rentals also benefit from these free items:
  • Free Baby High Chairs
  • Free Strollers or Push Chairs
When you make your booking, just let us know if you need any of these items and we shall reserve them for you. First-come, first-served. There is no charge for their use. We only require that you return them in the condition in which you received them. A swipe on your credit card or cash for a security deposit will be required.
These are our Exclusive Rentals:
*We are aware that another agent lists some of the above homes as available through themselves. This is not the case and we can only assume that they continue to list these homes in order to deceive the public that their business is more substantial than it really is.