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Photos of Silver Sands Villas and Surrounding Area: 1


Silver Sands aerial view from the north

Aerial view of Silver Sands Villas and Cottages.

Lounging on silver sand beach

Relaxing in the sun on the SIlver Sands Beach.


Relaxing in the shade of a cabana on the silver sands beach beautiful tree


Relaxing in the shade of one of the cabanas on the Silver Sands beach- yards and yards of crisp white sand (above left), "Flame of the Forest" on Rock Cliff Drive at the intersection with Lands End (above right).


Hanthorn children playing on the beach Line fishing from the jetty at silver sands


Children love to play on the beach. Above, left, is the West Beach where there is an onshore reef. Some repeat visitors call it Shell Beach as it is virtually littered with shells. Above, right, line fishing from the jetty at Silver Sands.


Silver Sands is regarded by many as a windsurfers' paradise and there quite a number of visitors, both local and foreign, who look forward to the strong winds which often blow here. The sand crabs are a familiar site at Silver Sands.

(Photos copyright of Mysilversands Villas)

One of the local guys who loves to windsurf at Silver Sands (above left). Another one of the local guys, this crab lives at Silver Sands (above right).

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