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Silver Sands Photos 3


cabana roof

Ted Graham (of Canada, annual repeat visitor, January '99) said it much better than we can:

"Silver Sands offers several advantages:

  • less than 1 hour from the airport
  • access to a private beach
  • no crowds
  • helpful beach staff, including lifeguards
  • meals and bar available at the beach (nothing like a rum punch in your beach chair)
  • you even develop the aquaintance of the regulars
  • being able to buy fresh fish at the fishermen's beach

Terry and family spent some time at the fishermen's beach talking to them, watching them go out to fish and buying some of their crafts. For those who come to Jamaica with a concern for security, Silver Sands has resolved this issue. You can relax completely and walk through the community, walk to the beach, walk to the tennis court. In short, be cool and relaxed!" Take a look at Ted Graham's Guest Album.

Children playing in the play area

The Children's Play Area at Silver Sands is right on the beach.

Silver sands on a rough and windy day

Silver Sands when it's rough and windy.

Silver Sands gazebo

The gazebo on the jetty.

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