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German Town


Sign for German town jamaica

Sign at entrance to German Town

We left Comfort Hall at midday and drove on to Ulster Spring. The road divides just before you reach the Content Surprise Super Store. We took the left fork and drove downhill, heading to German Town.

We soon stopped at Michael's home, where his wife runs a very small shop. Michael's wife and two year old son, Malik, came out to greet us. This is the bathroom/toilet stop.

mike's home mike and son

Michael with his son, Malik, at his residence

Michael's grandfather, James Stewart, emigrated to Jamaica from Ireland. He married Caroline Heholt who was born in German Town with her ancestors having come out from Germany. Michael's father, Ralph Stewart, was born in German Town at the same house where Michael was also born. (see photo below).

Michael's and his father's birthplace

Michael's and his father's birthplace

Michael's mother was Ether Afflick, of African descent. Ralph Stewart was a baker, producing his goods from the family home in a traditional brick oven, the remains of which are still next to the house (see photo below). Ralph also used a mule-powered cane grinder to make cane juice and sugar which he also sold locally.

Ruins of Ralph Stewart's oven

Ruins of Ralph Stewart's oven

Across the street from the family home, we met Michael's friends who are small farmers. It must have been my lucky day to stumble on the following activity. As we approached the house, there was a strong smell of burning. They had recently slaughtered a pig and were in the process of butchering it for sale. A fire was being used to remove unwanted hairs. We talked about the market for pork and other farm produce and I was happy to be able to give them a contact looking to buy pork on a regular basis.


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