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Boscoe Enjoys Life At Silver Sands Villas Jamaica


I am Boscoe, a pure rottweiler, and I live at Silver Sands Jamaica. I share my house with Marg and Mike, but that’s okay, as they take me for walks and long swims in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Oh, and of course, they feed me too!

boscoe, a rottweiler,sitting on beach at silver sands jamaica

I love living at Silver Sands Villas as it is peaceful, warm, and it never gets crowded. People forbid folks like me from going on the swimming beach by the Patio and Club House, but I don’t mind, as I get tired of them staring at me and calling me silly names, like “Doggie” and “Here Boy”!

Anyway, I prefer Derby Beach, on the West side of the estate, where there are some lovely villas on the sea front. Marg takes me there for morning and evening walks, and you hardly ever see a soul. I usually have the whole place to myself. I love to stroll along the grassy sea front admiring the pretty, wild flowers that grow profusely in spite of the harsh conditions. It’s fun to watch the birds, especially yellow canaries and nightingales feeding and tending their nests, and pelicans fishing just off the shore.

wild white flowers on silver sands beach jamaica  yellow canary on coconut branch at silver sands beach jamaica

I have heard foreign children, staying in
Silver Sands villas with their parents, call it “Shell Beach”. I think they give it that name because of the hundreds of conch shells that can be found scattered all over the beach there. But if you look carefully, you will find all sorts of other shells and lots of other interesting things that wash up on the shore, including some spectacular driftwood. There are none of these collectibles on the swimming beach as people rake and clean that beach every day.

morning glory on the beach at silver sands jamaica

My favourite spot on Derby Beach is near the very Western end of Silver Sands, in front of Endless Summer Villa, where the grass is always cut low and there are lots of coconut trees which not only look gorgeous, but which also provide lots of shade. You can imagine that my black fur makes me very hot in the sunshine, so I love to stretch out under a coconut tree.

But, it’s not so much fun when the owner of Endless Summer Villa  is in residence. When he sees Marg, he comes out of the villa and down to the beach to talk to her. And let me tell you, the two of them can “chat till the cows come home”! It gets so boring just waiting around for Marg, so I go for a swim and roll about in the sand. When I emerge from the sea, I try to sneak up close to them to do the wet-dog-wiggle and spray them with water, but Marg knows me well and keeps an eye on me. She always catches me just before I strike! I don’t want to get her cross with me, so I back off and go search for sand crabs on the beach or have another swim, letting them carry on with solving the problems of the World.


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